Homestead Emergency Restoration - Mold Remediation


Homestead Emergency Restoration Homestead, FL 786-408-2426Mold is that hidden enemy that reveals its presence in the form of breathing problems, compromised structures and ugly black spots. This fungal infection is fully capable of damaging your property and causing unspeakable losses. Most people don't even know that there is mold living on their property, mainly because it never thrives in plain sight! It is usually found in dank places and hidden spots such as floorings, wall crevices, attics, basements etc. If you suspect there is mold in your property, don't wait a second longer and call Homestead Emergency Restoration on 786-408-2426. We will send our mold experts in Homestead, FL area for mitigation and remediation.

Inspection and testing:

If the mold is visible to you and you are able to see the extent of its proliferation, then don't let anyone fool you into getting an expensive mold test done. It is required only when the mold is hidden and need expert intervention in detecting it. Some of the methods we use for mold detection are:

  • Surface testing: We test the surface samples to identify the amount of mold that has grown so far

  • Air testing: We also test the indoor air quality to check the concentration of mold spores present in your property.

  • Bulk testing: We take suspected pieces and test them in our specialized labs to classify the mold type and degree of its proliferation.

Once we have determined these factors, our team uses high end equipment such as moisture detectors, infra-red sensors etc. to look for hidden mold. This allows us to target our remediation efforts in the right direction.

Remediation and cleaning:

If only getting rid of mold was that easy! The household bleach and cleaners will only tackle the problem at the surface. What about the one that has been festering deep inside the affected material? This is why our remediation process involves three crucial steps:

  • Disposing materials: We discard all the materials safely that cannot be restored such as drywall or carpets

  • Air purification: We remove the musty smell that mold leaves behind. We also perform extensive cleanup, cleaning the air inside the property using air filters to remove excess mold spores

  • Surface cleaning: The area where mold is growing uninhibited is fixed with EPA-approved chemicals. We clean the affected area and area around it thoroughly to prevent its reappearance.

Restoration and prevention:

Removal of mold alone is not the end of it. We also remove the traces of destruction to restore it back to its original state. Homestead Emergency Restoration also takes proper measures to prevent it from coming back again anytime soon.

  • Restoration: We will restore all the items that can be recovered. We can also apply a mold-resistant layer of paint on affected areas

  • Reconstruction: Sometimes mold problems arise due to lack of ventilation. We can also make small changes to your home’s layout to contain mold formation instances in the future

  • Prevention: We check for leaks and remove all sources of water in dank spots. We can also provide mold-resistant paints to inhibit their return

Mold problem in your house or office in Homestead, FL area? You know where to reach us! Call on 786-408-2426 now!