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Homestead Emergency Restoration Homestead, FL 786-408-2426Fire accidents, flooding damage, mold formation, leaky roofs, these may seem like situations from another world. However, believe it or not, they are as real as the risk of theft or robbery. You may be away for the weekend, enjoying a perfectly good time with your friends when you come to find your home flooded due to a pipe burst. The two days that the water stayed inside your home, unattended, has now escalated the problem for you. At this point, recovery may seem like a distant dream, but it is not!

Any damage inflicted on your property due to natural or manmade disasters can bring your life to a screeching halt. You can either suffer in silence or get your bearings straight and get into fixing mode. Homestead Emergency Restoration is a reputed damage and restoration company in Homestead, FL area that helps you restore normalcy into your lives following such incidents. All you need to do is pick up that phone and call 786-408-2426.

With you, in times of crisis:

Nature is incredibly unpredictable. No matter how prepared you are there is little you can do when an electrical fault becomes a raging blaze or your home is victimized by a hurricane. Most service providers promise you the sun and the moon, but usually fail to deliver because the magnitude of damage is beyond their scope of work. However, that is not the case with Homestead Emergency Restoration. We understand the amount of damage possible in these events and have suitably equipped ourselves with resources and tools to help you get over it. Our quick response time becomes the saving grace for many and helps them recoup their losses in an effective manner.

Service repository:

  • We handle any damage:

It doesn’t matter if your property has been flooded or gutted by a raging fire. As long as we are informed in time, there isn’t a damage we cannot handle. We understand the importance of time in this case, and so should you. If you want to minimize your losses, call us immediately.

  • Leak detection:

You can hear the sound of water, but can’t see where it is coming from? Don't ignore just it. You need to inform us so that we can use our sophisticated leak detection system to narrow down the leak location, that too without inflicting any damage.

  • Biohazard elimination:

Are you harboring mold without knowing it? The longer you stay in its infected environment the more damage it can cause to your health. Our specialized teams are trained at detecting mold formation and can help you disinfect your property from its clutches.

  • Clean-up and decontamination

After a water/fire disaster, there can be unmanageable debris left behind. Don't try to deal with this yourself. Call our experts to thoroughly clean your property and disinfect it.

  • Restoration:

Did the flood destroy your favorite heirloom? Don't worry, it might be salvageable. Let us look at the damage and help you retrieve all the items that can be effectively recovered.

  • Reconstruction:

Some portions suffer more damage than others. We can perform reconstruction jobs to fix these areas with the help of our skilled contractors.

What our customers say:

‘A faulty electrical supply line reduced my home to ashes. I lost all hope until Homestead Emergency Restoration’s team arrived and recovered most of my precious items. I cannot thank you enough for saving our favorite piece of furniture that has been passed along in our family for years! The technicians even fixed the electrical supply to avoid such a thing from happening again. A big thank you to your team for the concerted effort!’ - Julianne M

‘After a flooding accident, I didn’t know what to do. I was so clueless looking at all this damage. Then came Homestead Emergency Restoration with its efficient teams! Today my home looks like it never went through that horrible incident.’- James T

This is just a few of the many praises we have received over the years for our services in Homestead, FL area. You can also become a part of our proud family and protect yourself from the incapacitating damage of forces you cannot control! Call us today on 786-408-2426 and let us know your requirement.

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